Posted by: marvellmusic | September 29, 2008

Welcome 2 the **Marvell** Blogspot

Stay Locked Yh, Marvell Network TV will be running off this blog spot so stay locked we’ve got so much shit to share with you lot, Alot of things will happening from the day we release “Late Arrival” (Vertex and Shocka’s project) which is out 6th October.

We are signing a new Deal with Alwayz Recording as MARVELL and that will be for the Main Project which is the album “Marvell Music” but thats some next year shit, but you will get a free Mixtape from MARVELL with all of us on it Vertex, Double S and Shocka that will be way before the album. That mixtape will be called Latest Episode.

The Marvell Boys are also working on there solo shit so if any of you are intrested to can catch them on there solo myspaces


Double S:


Thanks and hope you enjoy this site.


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