Posted by: marvellmusic | October 20, 2008

The N-Word, You lot wacth this….

I cudnt believe it when I wacthed it on TV, If your black dont take offence to this, its just a dis order. AND DONT LAUGH guys its not funny.



  1. Uzz A WAsteman
    Shes thinkin out loud
    So whats dat sain

  2. thats bullshit stil regardless if she doesnt mean it she sthinks nigga and is baited by her torrets, “how must that lady behind the till feel when she dun that and poepl didnt say shit thats fuckery

    the way i see it most white poepel think “nigga” in there ehads anyway

    it just atke suttin for them to say it

    and wid her its toretts

  3. i cant help but think shes puttin it on LOL

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