Posted by: marvellmusic | October 24, 2008

Soulja Boy’s New Video….He takes the f**king piss in this

Soulja Boy has apparently got the most HATERZ in the world lol… He takes the piss in this video and I love the way really really really rubs it in thier faces…… 50 cent and Bow Wow are the only other big artist that rate him over there and the rest think he’s poison to hip hop music in america, poor boy, he’s loving every cent of it lol, we quite like him over here in the UK

50 bullied him into them ads at the start and the end lol

10 out of 10



  1. okay…is it really bad that I think this trak is catchy?
    non of u guys can tell me u havnt done the soulja dance?! lol

  2. This song is remarkably shit, I don’t know how u can give it a 10/10. I think ur jus doin it for the sake of not hating.

  3. Song is shit, beat is ok i guess.

    and the video is niiiiiiiiiiiiiiice lol.

  4. tune is alrite

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