Posted by: marvellmusic | October 29, 2008

The Campus Tour: Sway and Xbox

We went to support sway in a booking he had in the 02 building for his campus tour, the club was called Matter. In the club there were a couple of standing Xbox’s in the club and we found out Xbox are working with Sway. Yh i kno we thought the same thing wow! There was these girls in sway xbox T shirts and they were walking round the club looking for people to win a xbox and she grabbed Vertex and he was so up for it cos she was kinda peng.

All Vertex had to do was getter a better time than his opponents and the prick never, he came last and embarassed us. Take a look at the nerd he lost to, he won the xbox.

You can tell Sway wants to keep it for himself lol, and look at dat guys cheesy grin, mate its only a f**king Xbox calm down.

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