Posted by: marvellmusic | November 13, 2008

UK Cypher……Your thoughts comment please




  1. as much as i want it 2 b good… i cnt lie it was terrible.
    no lie Chipmunk dun his ting, he don da best der
    Gigs hu i dnt even lik i have 2 say he don alrite
    but skepta n ghetto jus flopped, dey both no dey cudda don muchhhh betta, der da 2 best in da country n dey didnt go 2 america n show it

  2. Chipmunk>>Giggz>>>>>Ghetto>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Skepta

  3. Dere all g8
    I wuld say chip was da best but mayb im bein a bit bias bcuz im such a big fan…lol
    but im a fan of all of u lot still
    Tru say dere nt use 2 dat slow beat ne way cause its usually a 140 ting but dey stil killd it
    You no deres some American artists out dere itchin 2 sign em
    Keep up all da phenomenal work..

  4. g8

  5. DJ shuda spead it up dass all im sayin

  6. big disappointment… have heard much better from all of them.

  7. in my opinion the beat wasnt on point so they ddnt realy get a chance to really show wat they can do u can tell dat giggs chose dat beat cause thats the type shit he spits on which is all good but it doesnt complement the others i was so pissed wen i saw it this is why the americans think our artist are shit we need u man to show dem

  8. chippy smashed it!
    giggs done his ting- comfort zone
    ghetto- listen 2 the lyrics wot hes sayin is haard!
    skepta- wen he finally got on beat he was gd

  9. skepta – makes it sound like we shoot tree’s over here

  10. Everybody, in one level or another, is racist. ,

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