Posted by: marvellmusic | January 12, 2009

New Update: Sorry About the delay

Sorry about the delay on the video for 1 day left and part 2 of 2 days left, there was some issues that had to delt with which spoilt the routine, so it has slowed everthing down, so i hope you can forgive us we broke the promise but but but, we will make it up to you dont worry lol, MARVELL FM will still be out on monday for free download but it will be out in the evening so expect that out any time from 9:00pm – 3:00am.

We are also waiting for our hard copies to pressed  up so if you would like a hard copy insted of downloading comment me now some schools and colleges and we’ll see if we can shoot down there to give some cd’s out.





  1. cud i av 1 if u can get it 2 me

  2. Should come down to cheshunt grundy park hand out some hard copys to college lot 🙂

  3. Give out some for Albany school in enfield in north london the exact address is Albany School,
    Bell Lane,
    EN3 5PA

  4. Greig City Academy. Its near Alwayz.

  5. cum mossbourne in hackney near hackney downs

  6. Yo V, holla at me, i wud lyk a hard copy wen u get dem plz

  7. Yo V, holla at me wen u get the hard copys, coz i wud lyk 1 plz


  9. kirkstone Drive

    AND ASK FOR M,, ill be in my room listen marveLL FM
    cant waittt brothers!!!

  10. yh i would like a hard copy please if you can can u come to cwown woods school in eltham opposite greenwich university

  11. quinton kynaston marlborough hill nw8 onl

  12. Westminster City School,wid all dese random skoolz u aint gna gt dwn ere,bet anyfin brud

  13. Come To St Ignatius College in Enfield

  14. 3am rar i fort it woz b4 12 da download will be up

  15. Thats what Im saying

  16. Its been delayed for over 12 hours still.

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