Posted by: marvellmusic | January 13, 2009

The Moment You’ve All been waiting for….DOWNLOAD **MARVELL FM** NOW!!!!!!

Its finally here, THE NEW ”MARVELL FM” MIXTAPE which everyones eagerly been waiting for for the past week, 3 hours, 51 minz and 3 seconds (lol). For your co-operation and patience, we’ve gathered up a 19 track cd for you to enjoy and bubble to which is 100% grime so you can’t say we dont care (lol). Look out for some new video’s to keep the blog poppin’ and what tune’s on The ”MARVELL FM” cd do you think we should should shoot videos to? Get at us.



Click On Cover to DOWNLOAD





  1. YAY LOL

  2. FINALLY!!!!

  3. On track 1 and its ARDDDDD! LOL

  4. Vertex u were slippin’ lol.. lemmi hear dis.. should be good.. freeness!

  5. marvel fm is biggle da levels r two much marvel doin it again

  6. OMG. You lot took so long but because it’s 19 tracks i’ll spare you lol

  7. After A Full Listen, Good Free CD
    Best Tune Is Marvell FM By Far Doe

  8. AYY! u lot were going at it! BUT.. shocka has da best verse on da CD on “dont vialate” a madness! but yeah consistancy now.. but u man r deya! shO

  9. It’s now 7:58am and I am now downloading this before school (Y). MARRRRRVELLOUS!!!

    …and I thought you lot were shooting a video for either ‘The Talk’ or ‘Make Noise’?

    Get back at me…

  10. The CD is fire! Bare jokes as well lol
    My favourite tune is “Envy Eeww!”
    Its SiiKK !!!

  11. Double runs up on the beat on Putting In Work, Shocka kills Marvell FM & Vertex duppies Centre of Attention.

    U lot even put on my favourite Marvell tune Going In 32’s.

    Great free mixtape.

  12. “Round here its like the X Factor, coz somebody goes every week!”

  13. big cd again, about time people stood up n took notice of mvl. the content is madness!!!! jus need more of them catchy tunes like u got on this mixtape trust

  14. ARD MIXTAPE, Worth the wait for sure.

  15. yo fam da mixtape is sick ina hed u gets me. well worth da wait centre of attention is ma new tunee. yous r marvellous keep goin bruv u got me supportin

  16. “I’m SO SICK and CLOSER to being THE ONE, but this ain’t the NE-YO from THE MATRIX”

    I nearly got puzzled but I been followin’ wat Double was doin’ wit the content from early.

  17. Marvell FM Is Alot and Its Jokes Aswell
    079979979979795 lol

  18. “Ya dig!”

  19. SHOCKAAAAAAda skits r mental!
    vertex u fuckd up track 4

  20. whoooooohooooooooo u kno da meaning of PIFF yh das wot dis is, u guys are toooo much 4 me now man u need 2 llow it a little lol…..
    …. yeh feeling it worth the w8

    Angie Tv

  21. wen r u gona upload da rest of da videos… i wana hear wat ghetto had 2 say lol

  22. wow bangin tape…..great that u put it out 4 free too 4 us fans!man we wna c yaz here in dublin……lyk de mention ‘bubblin in dublin’ as well!lol
    sick cd,gud nd grimey and some great bars……be sure to cop a hoody too!


  23. The mix tape is mental wat you guy’s gonna do next!!!!!!!!
    I can’t wait so don’t keep me waiting…..

  24. Don’t Violate, Pieces of me, Marvell FM, Let You Know and Centre Of Attention

  25. Marvell FM, Big Man Ting, Putting In Work, Centre of Attention, Double S Freestyle & the beginning of Westwood Marvell Rip – All BANGERS!!!!!!!!!!

  26. Marvell always make bangers, 19 tracks of FIRE!!!

  27. Marvell are are the grimeir version of Boy Better Kno and Big up these boiz coz dey ave earned…………………..tunez of fire and lightning

  28. The CDs piff.. welll done, music’s appreciated.

  29. Fam this Mixtape is banging big time cuzz…Its fire allie!

  30. […] Get the Marvell mixtape here […]

  31. bup bup ima get head down bt hapy wid mixtape jeez gonna floodd brumtown wid diss bang bag marvell fm how the fuck can u talk 2 tim when u aint even seen barry lmaooooooo unique 3

  32. u guys r ard u brought back grime us yungas r cumin up watch out 4 da names workz glittz and S.K

  33. Yo the link for the mixtape isnt there anymore

  34. yo..!
    how do i download this ting then?
    there ent nuttin to clik on :S
    bare confussed

  35. how do you download it?

  36. that link aint working, send you to the filefront upload page

  37. yo i click on the download and it takes me to someplace i got to upload tings. it wont download da ablum what i do fam help?

  38. Another bang bang from the Marvell FM

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