Posted by: marvellmusic | March 5, 2009





  1. 😦

  2. Why?? Can you lot please be joking 😦

  3. arghhhh alow it fam plz say ur joking, fam no issues is to hard 2 ova come espically when u nigga’S av been touching ppl like dis n reppin it for “T”


  4. Dont worry you lot, I think der just going through that group faze or it could be just a dream, they should wake up 2morro. 🙂

  5. ere dis marvells a bangin cru man like u shud b on da big screen ryt now
    but ur not so u cant qwite until u r nd uv made ur paps ya get me? u man cant make lyke a banana nd split! dat is hype shocka uv got 1 mad flow vertex uv got bars man wud neva fink of nd double ur vocals r more dan tyt u man jus need 2 fix up im sure wat eva da problem is u can solve it!!!

  6. guys please dont do this, think about it please we love your music out here in devon, me and the girls were looking forward to the new video countdown


  7. Jheeeeeze!!! Yu Mannn Are Ripppin It Why Give Uppp Mannn



  9. Why wud u upset my whole life like this lol

  10. noooooooo

  11. this isnt even funny you cant try finish and end something when it hasnt even started properly!?!?! 😦

  12. 😐 😐 😐 gtta be a joke……………?

  13. i dnt believe it…I kno u aint quit, things have been goin GOOD 4 u lot recently y wud u wana stop now. U lot r 22222 hard 4 dis 2 b tru

  14. so wat bout all dat marvell hoodies and da t-shirts dat just came dat p gonna go to waste

  15. Hmmm.. Seems like a publicity ting to me
    Good thinking.. lol

  16. u man r saps if ur splittin up already real talk – not serious

  17. no way marvell can split up! u guys are about 2 blow still…
    whats the deal??

  18. aliie yu lot must be jokin
    look how far u came from late arrival to night b4 da flight to duty free

    fam u lot are hardddd as a team and about to blow , wahs goin on ??

  19. u man ur jokin marvell man dem alday wat happened to that b

  20. Naaah this cant be true, you lot were killin it, this must be a hacker or sumin thats written this shit!

  21. okay, i am now going to attempt to drown myself 🙂

  22. I Wanna Cry

  23. I hear they’re back. Check Double S’s facebook page:

  24. MARVELL’s Back Make Sure You Lock Onto BBC 1Xtra Tonight Set On There With The Movement Tonight, So Make Sure You Lock On.

  25. dw guys on doubles myspace it says there back

  26. just erd on westwood that u guys aint splitin up, shit im glad, u guys scerd me for a sec ther, dont be doin that to me, ur 2 good to be split! keep it up

  27. allow it man get bck togeva i was on ur music like 247 awwww dnt be like dat guys mrvl can t be dead out think about it before u make it offical

  28. na u ggotta be jokin da bes uk group known frm london 2 leicster double

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