Posted by: marvellmusic | March 20, 2009


The wait is OVER!!!!

🙂 Enjoy



  1. Jeeez, you man came hard.

  2. ARD

  3. keeeeeep it up 2 2 2 hard…

  4. Haha..
    Dis ACTUALLY Had Me Bussin Some HUGEEEE Smile !
    Dis Needed To Happen..
    Marvell & The Movement..
    The Best Men In The Scene!

  5. “I was like MJ’s bouncers, I wouldn’t let nobody touch mic”


  6. big ups guys…..keep up da work

  7. WoW
    You lot went soo hard on this set
    Marvell Are doin alott . i rate you ..
    and the movement are back with a Bang !!!

  8. fuck radio 6 : marvell and the movement

    that wud be mad

  9. hey y’all r da bom. keep it cos dis joint is terrific……………… brezzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzy…………

  10. Much love to ya’ll from the US you guys are rippin it!

  11. movement they say im like wretch me the scorch me the ghetts lol u man are sick

    cheese and bread lol

    and shockas smile in the cam at the end is jokes baare grinnin teeth

  12. Best westwood vid ever flow was so tight

  13. you boyz are running tings its banging whens the album out !!!! how can be yours when marvels here !!!!!! NEED THE HOODIE AN TOP WERES THE TRAINERS 1

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