Posted by: marvellmusic | April 13, 2009

Absolutely FLAWLESS

My boys flawless are gona win the competition, North London Stand Up!
They were the dancers in chip diddy chip too


  1. Jheeeeez! 1st time i’ve seen uk dance dat i can say is on par wid da amercians

  2. Don’t compare them 2 the americans please. As the guy says 2 Simon, “chase the dream, not the competition”.

  3. These Guys Are Gna Win !! They Got My Vote DEFINITELY !!… Uno What Id Like 2 See On Britain’s Got Talent.. Some Grime.. I Think If A Grime Artist Went On Der A LOT of People Would Wanna See Dem Win… We See Singers On Here All The Time So Why Not Mc’s And Rappers ?! But Yh I Want Flawless 2 Win Dis Year !!

  4. i Lovee Flawless !

    Weree Theyy Relii thee dancerss in the chip diddy chip vid ? Lol

    Theree Soo Good !!

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