Posted by: marvellmusic | May 26, 2009

6 Days till Marvell gear clothing drop

The question is:

What camera do we use to film are blog?




  1. SONY CAMERA!!!….iz it LOL!!! hPE IV won!!!

  2. The MVL Cam!!!!!!! lol

  3. the MVL CAM looooool

  4. MVL CAM!!!!! LOL

  5. please give me the clothes!!! the cam is mvl!!!

  6. Marvell i love u guys!!! i realy hope i win 🙂

  7. ITS SONY CAMERA OR MVL!!!! “IT IS MA DESTINY” to win tha marvell gear!!! AHHHHHHHH!!!

  8. Been searching for a bit, looks like a – Canon XH A1 –
    Keep it up!

  9. Pure guess
    HD Camera

  10. skype

  11. either P2 or Sony HD

  12. HD camera & kit

  13. Sony HD

    its a guess

  14. MARVELL CAMERA (?) / SONY HD (?)

  15. Sony HD

  16. Sony Hd

  17. sony hd

  18. Sony hd innit

  19. SONY EX 1

  20. SONY EX 1

    im commenting again coz i put the wrong name

  21. Sony HD

  22. skype Camere

  23. There is only five cams i no which are that big erm i fink it maybe either Canon XH A1 or AH1s or GH1 or GH1s but i think it is a Sony HDR-FX1000E

  24. definiently
    Sony HD

  25. MVL CAM

  26. Hahaha Ive Just Spoke To Jay And None Of You Are Right !!!

  27. SONY HVR-A1E

  28. Canon XH-A1 HDV Camcorder

  29. Canon XH-A1 HDV Camcorder

  30. Canon XH-A1 HDV camcorder

  31. Oi oi
    I like your blog not as nice as mine but it’s cool!!

  32. MVL Cam !!!!

  33. aka Canon xh g1

  34. hmmm i dunno bout that Max, your on the next video so i’ll watch ya mouth lol

  35. you lot are guy for even copying me you get me lol

  36. gay 🙂

  37. vertex its a Panasonic hd camera

  38. AG-DVX100. (Panasonic)

    Canon GL2

  39. Sony HVR HD-1000U

  40. Sony HDR-FX1000E or HDR-FX7E

  41. its the MVL cam.

  42. Sony XDCAM


  44. canon XH A1

  45. jus any guess 99.9% percent chance its right.
    mayb its a SHARP VL-AH131

  46. HVR-Z5E 1/3-inch 3 Clear Vid CMOS Professional HDV Camcorder am i close and keep the music flowin coz ppl r diggin these BOYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!! lol

  47. HDV cancorder or HVR camcorder

  48. hahaha narr i fink its a Canon XH-A1HDV

  49. Fuck knows what camera it is man no man knows here styll.
    But i cud do wit sum off dem hoddies man cme i could do wit dem there lookin fresh styll.

  50. MVL camera….. i am soo wanting them clothes still..

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