Posted by: marvellmusic | May 31, 2009

Countdown Back Monday!!!!……(and what the delay was)


We havent had the best of luck with are single release or the clothing line 😦

The good news is that the clothing will still come out this week on the blog 5th June Promise lol 🙂 . All the winners of the competitions will be announced on friday. And were gonna continue with the countdown from Monday.

The Bad news is we haven’t got confirmation on are date for are single Make Noise, sorry about this but iTunes issues lol. We’ll let you know soon as when that all sorted. 

And you’ll be able to purchase the clothing from the blog directing to a link which we will put up sometime during the week.

If you been following the countdown I hope you been letting people around you know about marvell and stuff, we need you guys help to get the name out there 







  1. 😦 i was on it for the countdown aswell

  2. Ahhh i was on it for the countdown aswell i wouldve got a hoodie:(

  3. You no what these things happen, i been hypin up the name for age but ill wait till 5th june

  4. please mek it come out this weel so it can b deliverd b4 the 20th i promisd my friend i would get himm it , n i dont wnna loook dumm lol !

  5. i was expectin clothin 2 b out 2day. I’m upset 😦

  6. the address of my track is

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