Posted by: marvellmusic | June 5, 2009

2 Days To Go Till Clothing Drop (bit late) lol

The Last question of the competition is…….

Name the guest we brought on stage?



  1. hmm is dat ghetts proper sounded like him wid da what u mean what u mean hope i’m right 2day shud interesting marvel clothing kick off

  2. that is ghetts another great artist hope i win been looking forward to this Marvell Gear

  3. It was Ghetts…i was not expecting him at all

  4. u lot r dumb marcus nasty was there so dat means it was griminal

  5. Ghetts

  6. Looks like Griminal still

  7. dat was Jazzie u lot brought on

  8. Its Jazzie from the Jazzie show!

  9. That’s ghetts griminal dont have a bar saying what du mean what du mean

  10. What do you mean what do you mean? It’s emotional… Hmm… Ghetts

  11. It was either Ghetts or Jazzie.

  12. its jazzie frm the jazzie show

  13. Ghetts

  14. jazzie from the jazzie show

  15. Defo ghetts

  16. Jazziiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiie

  17. haha ghetts! dnt be dum, it was Jazzie from aka.

  18. i say its griminal

  19. gotta a be jazzie from AkA jazzie show

  20. j wizzie

  21. jazzie cause ghetts would sai mre dan dat

  22. jazzie

  23. Jazzieeeeeee .. “WATCHU MEAN WATCHU MEAN?!?!”

  24. Its Jazzie!

  25. is it jazzie?

  26. jazzie

  27. It Is Jazzie From Jazzie Show On Aka

  28. It Is Jazzie From Jazzie Show On Channel Aka

  29. im goin for Ghetts !!!!

  30. It Was Jazzie From Da Jazzie Show Definitly It Was’nt Ghetts

  31. Ghetto was dere most deffinatley yerh, sayin “Here what im sayin, here what im sayin, were gna keep it funky down ere”
    Still kattin for 1 of dem hoddies

  32. Jazzie

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