Posted by: marvellmusic | June 12, 2009

New Footage up on blog saturday night, and keep the ORDERS coming…


Yh new footage coming out soon and keep the orders coming, and were putting some new tracks out soon so look out for them guys…






  1. yo marvell! Hope all is well with you guys…. whats the next MVL CD gonna be called? Any release dates? I can’t get enough off Moneys the Motive, Late Arrival, Night Before the Flight and Marvell FM all are off the HOOK! HOLLA @ ME!


  2. Yo Marvell , Loving Da Mixtapes yuu Guys Are Really Doin U TIng Out Der … Da Tshirts And Hoodies Look Ard Might ave To Order Maself One … ‘Like Our Style’ Is Still Ma Favourite … Newais Keep It Up Babes



  3. I don’t know about the other wear going about but this white marvell hoodie looks dark!
    It’s the ting fam!

  4. vertex ur toooo sexy and uno ur flows like wowww, double s to sweet man that face makes my heart melt everytime 😉 & man like shocka keep doin ur ting init. nuff luv x

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