Posted by: marvellmusic | June 12, 2009

We Need People to help us by joining the MARVELL STREET TEAM!!

studio 3

If you would like to help Marvell get bigger give us a had and Join the STREET TEAM!

Send your age and what school, college or university you go to the email:


Thank You





  1. when i join this street team will i be able to make a track with you

  2. I Wanna Join Marvell Man U Lot R Doin Big Bruv Man Wnts To Take Dis Musik Ting Serious On Da Real N U Man R Doin Dat I Wanna Gt Signed Aswell Soo Try Holla Man Init N Tell Me Wah U Tink Of My Musik My Promo Cumin Out

    20th JUNE Soo Try Download Dat Orn Da Page
    I Tink Im OK Mc Stll So If U Tink Da Same HB

  3. i’m interested sent my info but dunno if im past da deadline

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