Posted by: marvellmusic | November 22, 2009


I think its a obvious we not using this blog no more, so can everyone check out are new website and make it your homepage, There tracks on there, downloads, clothing and many more.




  1. i dunno where to start, you guys are fucking awesome and i cant get enough of ya.
    unforuntantly i dont like well many of your colbirations to be honest cause the people you spit with suck lol sorry but aggro? that jeremieh blokey…. all the people that just cant keep up with you.
    you all have some real talent but when your together as “marvell” its on some next level.
    i mean think about it the sets you did on westwood were off the tits! compare them to marvell fm 2 and well i think you’ll see for your self what im trying to get at…

    oh an a last little thing…
    you guys can make it, you have the talent and im pretty sure the intelligence too good luck with everything you do your all legends!

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